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Chip On Board / Chip On Flex

Beckermus related capabilities:

  • Die size - down to 100µ square

  • Die bonding accuracy - 2µ.

  • Automatic Wire bonding (Au, Al, Cu).

  • Pads pitch  ≥ 45µ (0.7 mil wire diameter).

  • Ultra low loop/shape, advanced wire bond loops.

  • Molding/Encapsulation.

Chip On Board / Chip on Board

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Beckermus Technologies is capable of assembling the bare die on multiple types of substrates and packages and achieve highly complicated scenarios. The most common substrate is the FR4 PCB while the entire ranges of substrates materials  is actually very wide and includes open cavity packages, flex, ceramic and laminate boards.


After adding the needed passive components, and performing the ball or wedge wire bonding ,it’s possible to encapsulate the outcome in order of achieving additional protection.


Beckermus commits to 100% visual inspection.


List of Dies, Packages and Substrates we typically assemble :


Dies: CMOS, CCD, ASIC, MEMS, MOEMS, PRESSURE, VCSL, Laser diode, Micro controller.

Substrates : FR4, Flex, Ceramic, Silicon, Teflon, Sensor Glass, Diamond.

Packages:  Plastic package (open cavity): QFN, SOP/SSOP/SOIC 

Ceramic package: DIP, CPGA and CSP (chip scale packages).

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