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Optical Module assembly

Beckermus related capabilities

  • Manual/automatic assembly.

  • High-end Machinery

  • Placement accuracy down to  ±1 µ

  • Varied Die size combability.

  • Lenses stacking/array assembly.

  • Glass fibers alignment.

  • Optical benches.

  • Prism positioning.

  • Automatic dispensing.

  • High accuracy adhesive control.

Optical Module Assembly

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Beckermus Technologies provides micro-optical assembly services for companies performing in a wide variety of high end optical and photonic fields. Most optical modules are assembled in order to be included in advanced miniature medical systems (like endoscopes, implants, surgery tools), in automotive solutions (Lidar, Adas), in Artificial and Virtual Reality systems, in defence and other optical products.


Keeping consistent with our methodology, long before the optical components enter our clean rooms and the actual assembly starts, our team carefully reviews the system design to make sure that the design we were asked to assemble is optimal, and will provide the features and capabilities  that the client is expecting from this product or module/system/sub-system.


After carefully reviewing the design we are ready to move into the R&D assembly phase. This stage can start by building even a single prototypes or a set of optional prototypes. This phase is critical in order to allow our client to test and calibrate the module and validate it’s features and overall performance in the context of the overall system.


Moving to production (either medium or mass) we apply the same caution and make sure that the optical components (bare/packed lenses, prisms, image sensors(CMOS /CCD), MEMS, laser emitter, mirrors, etc.) are assembled to match the exact same spec that was approved in the previous stage.

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