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Announcing - IMI global and Beckermus Cooperation

We are happy to announce that Beckermus and IMI has signed a strategic cooperation agreement. The cooperation goals are focused on enhancing each party advantages and facilities to support clients' needs.

In a nutshell, Beckermus will supply Integrated Micro-Electronics Inc. (IMI) with prototype assembly services for microelectronics, micro-optics, photonics and electro-optics and Integrated Micro-Electronics Inc. will provide the mass production services. Looking at the broader picture, the cooperation is aimed to solve a known issue in the industry that almost every company is struggling with. A lot of companies are dividing the production stages between different suppliers based on the required volumes. This approach, basically very correct businesswise, rises a set of challenges in the process of moving from prototyping to production and mass production. Every engineer can tell you how frustrated it is to find out that the great prototype and smooth initial production components has accumulated an abundance of problems while moving to the mass production assembly line. The issues arise even when the factories are using the same machinery and design documentation.

Our 20 years' experience indicates that the most effective way of achieving a safe and errorless NPI (New Product Introduction) to mass production process is by looking at them as part of an overall process. Having a integrated team, that communicates not just on the transition points but along the entire process ensures a safe and affective transition with minimum risk and costs.

an additional advantage to the cooperation is built-in DRP (Disaster Recovery Plan) to both sides.

Beckermus management has been on the lookout for the right partner for quite a while and is very excited to announce the cooperation. We feel that the advantages that each

one of the sides brings to the table creates a new entity that can change the way that microelectronics and micro-optics/photonics market is conducted.

Integrated Micro-Electronics Inc. headquarters are based in the Philippines and is part of the Ayala conglomerate. IMI employees over 15,000 people in factories located in the Philippines, China, USA, UK, Mexico, Bulgaria and the Czech Republic. Integrated Micro-Electronics Inc. supplies innovative electronics manufacturing services (EMS), power semiconductor assembly and test services (SATS), and primarily serving original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) for diversified markets such as those in the automotive, industrial, aerospace and other industries.

Beckermus, located in Caesarea Israel, currently employs 40 professional working in a 700 sqm clean room. Facilities include a 100, 1,000 and 10,000 class sectors when the first are mostly used in the assembly of highly sensitive MEMS and optical components. Our team has accumulated a profound experience in the most complicated medical, automotive, communication, photonics, Augmented Reality and similar fields. We are proud to support the Israeli high-tech scene along with global companies that established local subsidiaries in Israel focusing on R&D.

The cooperation services are available for both current Beckermus and IMI clients and also new companies.

Contact us for more details at:

Beckermus team with IMI israel CEO

Beckermus team with IMI israel CEO

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