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Outsourcing Micro Assembly Services


As we all know , Product manufacturing is a complex process and as such, any decision to transfer the production to an external supplier must be taken very carefully. While the benefits of outsourcing are well documented and known , there are risks and concerns that needs attention .

Successful outsourcing strategies require a critical assessment of current company position and clarity forecast of your future goals and objectives as well as the impact on relationships with investors, customers, suppliers, etc.

Many companies have found the benefits of collaboration with a subcontractor.

the main advantage of outsourcing is the fact that usually it will have all the necessary machinery ,facility and will be able to respond more quickly to rapidly changing market conditions and reduce their operating costs.

In addition , you will have to look at the big picture and perform a financial-strategic assessment of the production relative to operation costs and product time-to-market ( TTM).

Remember , the speed with which you can satisfy consumer demand and be first on market will make the difference between a successful company to a "slow" company .

Outsource as business strategy

The main success of each business is determined by the strength of its business strategy. therefore it has to focus on improving cost efficiency by reducing operation costs , production cycle time , BOM and constant yield improvement , ( operation , cycle time , BOM , high yield ) while preserving and improving product quality.

For example, the biggest known cellular companies realized that the competitive advantage lies in focusing on product development, marketing and sales (and not an endless investment of time & money in production).so, to target more resources in those areas, they cooperated with an OEM company for production and assembly.

Outsourcing gives you the freedom and flexibility to concentrate on those areas of your business as a factor of growth and profitability, and help you gain a competitive advantage within your market.

Reasons to Outsource ?

Decisions to outsource can be the result of a specific operational need ( in the short term) , or as part of a future strategy. The main reasons of companies to outsource are :

  1. Focus on core activities , next module generation or new product introduction ( NPI )

  2. Overcoming production capacity limitations / increasing production rate.

  3. production limitations ( manpower ,facility , infrastructure, machines ...)

  4. Financial decision - Does a production with a subcontractor reduce the production of the product and increase my profit.

  5. New product Introduction – proto-type , process development ,R&D or small scale production.

Beckermus as the optimal partner

Micro electronics and Optics assemblies are getting more and more challenging due to the current trends in the fields of AR\VR , Automotive , telecom Aviation , Medical etc’ . the final product requirements are to be small and light as possible , this leads to small size components , and demand for high accuracy assemblies , starting from special wire-bonding to Optics Active alignment .

Company methodology is fight and find the best solution for customer needs .process development for new products is always challenging and this is what we do best . we are continuously investing in our facility with new technologies, new machines and worldwide collaborations with major production companies .

The advantage and uniqueness of Beckermus is reflected in the extensive experience accumulated over the years in process development to a wide range of fields and companies. All this knowledge and experience is reflected to customer needs starting from the stage of product design to proto-type and finally to production .

Feel free to use our knowledge ,experience and facility to scale up your product and production .

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