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Announcing Beckermus Technologies – Engage Photonics partnership

December 9, 2018

Being an assembly house, our part in the process of turning an idea into a microelectronic product, traditionally begins when the design document is ready.

This workflow is gradually changing as more and more clients ask us to also provide them with design services.

We decided to take up the challenge and add design services to our portfolio. There was no need to look far to find the optimal partner. Engage Photonics was selected based on our long-term experience working with Costa Gurgov (founder and CEO) and his team of engineers.

Beckermus' clients can now enjoy the following services:

  • Requirement

  • Architecture

  • Evaluation and estimates

  • Proof of Concept

  • Optical Design

  • Component Selection

  • Tolerancing and integration design

  • Manufacture, Integration and test

The cooperation creates one-shop-stop full turnkey solution that does not only include design to production in-house process but also an ongoing feedback between the design team and the assembly team.


Architecture, Optical Design and Prototyping