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CEO Talk: Oren Beckermus, CEO of Beckermus

January 13, 2020

This interview was help with Mr. Oren Beckermus, which is Co-CEO of Beckermus.




Tell me about Beckermus Technologies?


Beckermus Technology is a privately-owned company, I co-own it with my brother, Oded Beckermus, the name of the company as you can already guess comes from our family name. our company provides microelectronics & micro optics assembly services, we specializes in “bare die” assembly from all sort of sectors and applications: from medical devices to communications, automotive, AR\VR, defense and other, our experience and expertise is in providing full TK solutions for start-ups and R&D teams from prototype level to mass production.


Our production is performed at our 8000 SqFt cleanroom facility. We comply with ISO 13485 for Medical devices, AS9100D for aerospace as well as the IPC-A-610 & MILL-STD 883.


When did you start Beckermus Technologies? What were you doing before that?


My brother, Oded Beckermus and I established the company in 1998 out of our vision to create an excellence center in the field of micro assemblies, you have to understand that at that time in Israel this kind of industry was not yet developed and you couldn’t find someone to provide you with such services, we saw the opportunity and the potential and decided to make the jump. At start we focused mainly on the local market, providing subcontracting IC packaging services, with the years the company has evolved alongside the growth of the local startup community and the expansion of the global corporate activity in Israel, extending our services to the global market as well as offering full turnkey solution in almost all the required microelectronic and micro optic applications.


Before establishing the company, I worked for many years as an industrial designer, designing products for manufacturing, today I mainly use my design skills and knowledge in providing customized engineering solutions for mechanical challenges that we face in our day to day projects. My brother Oded served in key roles for some of the microelectronic industry’s leading companies for over 20 years, we joined forces together in 1998 and working side by side together ever since.


What problem did you see that needed to be fixed? What is your approach to solving that?


We have noticed a problem that is basically more typical to start-ups and small-scale companies but can also be seen in big organizations, as part of the NPI process companies are requested to proof of concept by building prototypes and small volumes prior to moving towards mass production. as strange as it may sound it is not always easy to find high skilled subcontractors that are willing to deal with such small quantities and if they find one they are often required to pay costly in NRE for equipment & facility, besides that they usually need to work with multiple suppliers for the different services that they are lacking of such as design, material sourcing, procurement etc, this is where Beckermus brings its added value, we have years