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Active alignment

Beckermus related capabilities

  • Automatic Active alignment process. including 6 Axis motored stage.

  • Placement accuracy down to  ±1 µ

  • FiconTEC CL1500 upgraded specially for Beckermus to serve multiple types of projects. 

  • Manual active alignment for R&D purposes, including Optical table and 6 Axis stages.

  • Class 100  environment.

Active alignment

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Active Alignment is the term used to describe the process of dynamic micro assembly. The technology facilitates placing an optical component, usually a lens, a sensor or laser while continuously measuring and challenging the power or image quality. Using active alignment technology, it is possible to receive the maximal performance of optical components.


Micro optical components like lenses, lasers, photodiodes and  optical filters are widely use in Automotive, Augmented Reality and Medical solutions. For projects of those types, it is not only important to use the best components but also to find the best alignment for each one of them relatively to the other counterparts. The optimal alignment is reached by using a 6-axis schema actively on the lenses and sensors, examining their optical return in order to achieve the final, optimal positioning.

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