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Electro Optical Design

Beckermus Technologies provide electro optical design services through partnership with Engage Photonics design house. Together we provide end-to-end services in a wide variety of disciplines, including Optics, Algorithms, SW, Optomechanics, FEM Heat Transfer and Structural Analysis, Microintegration and Active Alignment.  

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  • Comprehensive optical system simulation: requirements analysis, physics, optics, and budget.

  • Integrative modeling and design of optical elements and systems

  • multiple solutionf for rays and waves shaping.

  • Optomechanical design - Integrative multidisciplinary design

  • Prototype approximating the targeted optical system or module.

  • Algorithmically sensing and simulating of real world conditions.


  • Early stage selection of components

  • Characterize optical and semiconductor components, never count on datasheets.

  • Precision assembly and integration services.

  • Applying advanced Active alignment techniques.

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