Family History

Oded and Oren Beckermus co-established BECKERMUS TECHNOLOGIES LTD in 1998 in the Caesarea Hi-Tech Industrial Park.

The two brothers are descendants of a six generation dynasty of goldsmiths and watchmakers, who in their turn channeled the family’s traditional occupation in fine handicrafts to the more leading-edge domain of handling fine objects, while incorporating the same traditional devotion to details.

Over the years, The Beckermuses expanded their activity and are presently operating an industrial facility that preserves their family tradition on the one hand, while making use of modern and productive manufacturing processes on the other.

Both brothers are extremely involved in the technological processes, while implementing their traditional knowledge and expertise on the production line.

The representative of the next generation, Nir Beckermus, carries on the family tradition with hands-on work and creative process and tooling design.

In 2015, BECKERMUS TECHNOLOGIES moved to a new, larger location in the Caesarea Hi-Tech Industrial Park where the company targets new goals of business growth.

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