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Beckermus Oded
Founder and CEO


Oded is a professional expert in the field of microelectronics, who served in key roles for some of the industry’s leading companies for over 25 years.
Oded is the company’s chief professional authority, leading the management team and the highly trained production team since its establishment.
Oded provides the vision and the leadership of the company that result in unique solutions for which Beckermus is well known of.


Beckermus Oren
Founder and COO

With extensive experience in the field of micro assemblies Oren is leading 
the operations and the production at Beckermus.
Oren brings his high management skills, commitment to quality and relentless pursuit of solution to customers' production challenges.
Oren holds a degree in industrial design from the Bezalel Arts and Design Academy.
prior to co-establishing BECKERMUS TECHNOLOGIES with Oded, Oren worked for many years in product design for manufacturing.
As the COO, Oren combines his product design knowledge with his operation management experience, to ensure the best possible customized solutions for our customers’ needs.

Beckermus Nir

Nir represents the next generation of the family. 
Nir is leading the design, development and production of the automated lines in BECKERMUS TECHNOLOGIES since 2010.
As CTO Nir combines his unique Knowledge of technological trends with his high comprehension of the micro assembly processes to put Beckermus on technology front
 and enables to provide easy implementation solutions for advanced and challenging projects.

Levy Marky

Director of operations & Business Development

Marky brings with him more than 12 years of experience in operations and supply chain management in global companies. He is responsible for the day to day operational activities and  supporting our full turnkey solution to clients from prototype to volume production and all that while ensuring customer value maximization. Marky is also leading the business development activities.
Marky holds a B.Sc. degree in industrial engineering & management and M.B.A from the Ben Gurion university.


Berko Zadik Mazal
QA Manager

With experience of more than 15 years in QA management Mazal is leading all quality activities in Beckermus technologies since 2010.
Mazal brings with her deep knowledge in Quality management standards as well as a vast know-how in building and implementing QA processes.  
Mazal holds a B.Sc. degree in quality engineering from the Technion institute and a MBA from the Haifa University.


Aharon Lilach
Head of Procurement & Administration

Lilach works in the industry since 1999.
She studied computers, system analysis logistics and procurement. 
She joined the company in 2009, bringing with her a lot of experience in purchasing management.

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