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Full TurnKey Solution

Beckermus Technologies is committed to its customer value maximization. Our supply chain and logistics team work very closely to our design and assembly teams to create tailor made, client oriented, end-to-end set of services.

Our experience shows that having a supply chain expert involved from the early stages of a project is a key factor in facilitating an optimized and efficient process.

Inventory Managment

  • Storage of raw materials, goods in process and finished goods in dedicated, separate storage rooms.

  • Stock monitoring and planning. Usage of advances software, serial numbering and barcodes to ensure control of volume and location.

  • Holding clients' stock in consignment.

  • Arranging components in kits according to specific assembly requirements.

  • Using advanced software for optimal stock control.

  • Periodical stock counting, according to client's process flow.

Material Planning

  • Materials utilization services.

  • Keeping an optimal flow of components.

  • Adherence to our clients' business plans and sales forecasts.

  • Planning for optimal inventory, avoiding surplus or shortage.


Packaging & Shipment

  • Connecting to the client's technical requirements, timelines and business forecasts.

  • Working closely to our customers in order to reach the client's budgetary goals  and meet their cost reduction targets.

  • Finished goods leaving Beckermus' facilities are carefully packaged in dedicated materials suitable for microelectronics' transporting.

  • Shipment is available worldwide with a variety of global forwarding services and couriers.

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