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Beckermus related capabilities

  • Placement accuracy down to  ±1 µ

  • Manual/Automatic die attach

  • Dispensing - Time-pressure, auger and JET

  • Active alignment

  • Die types: CMOS, CCD, MEMS, MOEMS, Pressure sensors, VCSEL, Laser diodes, microcontrollers etc.

  • Substrates: FR4, FLEX, Ceramics, Glass, Silicon, Teflon, Diamond, Lead frames etc.

Multi Chip Module / System In Package

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No two projects are the same. We, in Beckermus Technologies understand that each client and each assembly  project requires special attention and the careful selection of the specifiec advanced IC assembly method, materials and machinery that will produce the optimal result.


The issue becomes even more prominent when the design includes multiple chips. More and more systems are designed to perform as stand-alone and  require assembling numerous microelectronics components to a single substrate or even to each other (see: stacked die). The chips are connected, by wire bonding, Flip Chip or even hybrid, and together with some passive devices, create a sub-system functional block.


There are numerous advantages to The Multi Chip Module (MCM) / System in Package (SiP) structure. To name a few:


  • Reduction in size.

  • Reduction in power consumption and electronic footprint.

  • In many of the cases, improved performance.

  • Simplified and cost effective production process


MCM / SiP advantages make it very popular in markets like: automotive, wearable, healthcare, aviation, Internet of things (IoT), computing and cellular, communication and a variety of industrial sectors.


Please note that every module assembled in Beckermus Technologies is being tested to validate full adherence to spec.

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