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Wafer Dicing / Sorting

Beckermus related capabilities

  • Multiple size wafer processing.

  • Bumped wafer dicing.

  • Partial/individual die dicing.

  • Sorting into gel-packs/waffle packs.

Wafer dicing

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One of the first steps in micro assembly is the process of wafer dicing.

We, in Beckermus Technologies offer our clients the services of dicing multiple size wafers and sorting the dies in either gel-packs or waffle packs. It is also optional to assemble the diced dies into open cavity plastic/ceramic/metal packages or even leave them on tape for future assembly activity.


The demand for complex scenarios wafer dicing is increasing side by side with the rise of WLP (Wafer Level Packaging) demand. We in Beckermus make assure that the dicing of the wafer will be performed with the maximal caution to ensure minimal chipping.

Beckermus is also capable of dicing bumped wafers, portions of wafers, or individual dies and MEMS.

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