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WLP - Wafer Level Packaging

Beckermus related capabilities

  • Placement accuracy down to  ±1 µ

  • Automated die bonding on wafer.

    • Wire bonding.

    • Flip Chip – gold, solder, copper bumps.

Wafer level packaging

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The traditional packaging process includes an initial process of wafer dicing and moving the dies into special  waffle pack or gel-pak beforehand. The WLP process involves the packaging  of the chip straight on the wafer, performing the assembly (either FlipChip or Wire Bonding) before dicing the wafer into single chips.


There are multiple advantages to WLP, including the fact that the chip, performing as the base layer of the assembled module, determines the size of the SiP. More advantages include the flow of a direct, uninterrupted process from wafer to testing. Another advantage is the ability to use economical copper bumps between the layers to create 2.5D and 3D modules. When the interconnected chip is required to fit into smaller dimensions, it is advised to use FOWLP instead.


We, in Beckermus Technologies will delve into the requirements and specifications of your project and product to help you design and perform the optimal process suitable for your needs.

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