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Wire Bonding

Beckermus related capabilities

  • Automatic/manual Ball Gold wire bonding

    • K&S ICON, F&K Delvotech, Esec.

  • Automatic/manual aluminum wedge Bonding

    • ASM, K&S

  • Ultra low loop, RF profiles, custom profiles

  • Au, Cu and Al automatic wire bonding

  • High accuracy bond placement.

  • ltra-Fine-Pitch.

Wire bonding

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The term wire bond or wire bonding is a Micro Assembly service used to describe the process of connecting between a bare die chip (IC) to a substrate, package or other die. In Beckermus Technologies, we supply the complete set of bonding services required for IC Assembly and use the most up-to-date machinery and bonding materials.

A partial list of our automated machines includes K&S ICONN Plus, ASM, and Delvotec.

Our supported  wire Bonding techniques  include Ball Bonding and Wedge Bonding supporting a variety of wire diameters in range of 0.7mil up to 2mil, based on project's specifications.

Ball Bonding Services in Beckermus Technologies are available in gold wire and copper wire. The bonding can be performed in Fine Pitch between pads of up to 35 microns,  or a simple standard bond. The most prominent advantage of ball bonding stems from the ability to produce super complex wire loops with multiple tiers levels and crossing wires.

Wedge Bonding Services  in Beckermus Technologies are available in gold wire and aluminum wire. Using aluminum instead of gold may reduce project costs.

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