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Electro-Optics, Photonics

Beckermus related capabilities

  • Class 1000  environment

  • Active alignment processes. for more details

  • Back-end assembly of micro-electronics including Die bonding, Wire bonding, Encapsulation. for more details

Electro Optics Photonics

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Looking at the Micro-Optics electronic assembly services we provide at Beckermus Technologies, it can be roughly divided into 3 sub-sectors: Optoelectronics, Electro-Optics and Photonics.


Electro-optics is a branch of electronic engineering,and involves devices and components (e.g. Lasers, LEDs, Fibers, lenses,prisms, diodes) sub-systems and systems which operate by the propagation and interaction of light in a variety of electronic devices. Having said that, we can safely claim that practically, Electro-optics is the same as it’s  popular pear, the Phononics.

Looking at the definition of optoelectronics we understand that it is not another synonym but rather a sub-field. Optoelectronics is “a device that responds to optical power, emits or modifies optical radiation or utilizes optical radiation for its internal operation” or “any device that functions as an electrical-to-optical or optical-to electrical transducer.” (


To summarize this, sometimes linquestic… discussion, we would like to share our 2 cents and add that we sympathize and understand those claiming that photonic is the broader terms that encapsulates both Electro-Optics and Optoelectronics.


We believe that the reason for the controversy and confusion is based on the term Photon. The photon, being the basic quantum unit of light, is frequently used when  defining and describing the process of generating and harnessing light, sensing, detecting, manipulating and controlling it. This pushes us to associates  Photon or Photonic to everything electro-light related.


To summarize, when it comes to the assembly any electronic micro-optics system, we in Beckermus Technologies always apply the same set of expertise and caution in order to make sure that the result will adhere to the client’s requirement and expectations whether it is a medical endoscope, an automotive Lidar system  or an AR/VR wearable device.

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