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Caesarea Visit

Back on the 19th century, Baron Edmond James de Rothschild envisioned the build-up of an industrial community in the sandy deserted lands near the old city of Caesarea. Now days, almost two hundred years later, the vision has materialized, and the Caesarea Business Park is one of the largest and most advanced in Israel. The park contains approximately 180 leading companies engaged in the most advanced technologies like biotechnology, photonics, medical devices, water technologies, cyber security, automotive and more.

On the last week of November, we had the great pleasure of hosting a group of approximately 40 of the business park's CEOs in Beckermus. The visit was part of the 'CEOs meetups' activity that the business park board has initiated and is running for the last couple of years. The meetups primary theme is to have the managers take a short break of their hectic routine and learn about the activities and technologies of the neighbors in the park.

The visit included a short presentation about the micro assembly services of Beckermus and then everybody dressed-up and entered the clean room's floor. The CEOs had the opportunity to see how microelectronics are manually and automatically assembled and the learned about the process of attaching a set of micro sensors onto an automotive component.

Oded Beckermus (Beckermus Founder and co-CEO): "We decided to locate our assembly house in Caesarea based of the central location, facilities and high-tech community. We are proud to serve a significant number of neighboring companies either in supplying design services, prototype assembly or when they reach mass production. I enjoyed having old customers and friends at the meeting and of course meeting new colleagues"

Guy Goldig (Head of Community & Business Park): The visit in Beckermus was part of our on-going activity roadmap for the business community of the park. We believe that the unformal gathering of the CEOs is important for the natural growth of community. Past meetups have yielded an abundance of new business opportunities and cooperation.

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