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Existing Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS) vision solutions provide 2D (monocular) images that lack depth perception. This restricts the surgeon’s perspective and depth perception, limiting the ability to perform advanced MIS procedures. With stereovision capabilities, surgeons gain enhanced tissue understanding, improved hand eye coordination and the confidence to use advanced (articulating) surgical tools.

Visionsense develops novel visualization solutions that bring natural stereoscopic sight to MIS. With advanced technology and proprietary software, the Visionsense system delivers depth perception, 3D-HD resolution images through smallest access diameters. Latest technology by Visionsense is the VSiii Iridium system, providing a complete solution for intraoperative IR Fluorescence. VSiii Iridium delivers unsurpassed Infrared (IR) Fluorescence visualization for blood perfusion and other advanced features, in both open and endoscopic surgery.

We are proud to share the story of the Visionsense, revolutionary 3D-HD miniature medical endoscopy company, and Beckermus’s contribution to its accomplishments.

Work relations between Visionsense and Beckermus started back on 2001. On those days, the product was still a concept, slowly emerging into a prototype. Our team has worked side by side with Visionsense on assembling the first versions, finding together the optimal configuration between the optical and electrical components. Cooperation continued through the demanding clinical trials phase, first production series and up to the final VSiii system, becoming a useful tool for surgeons, providing minimally invasive stereoscopic (3D) visualization, for various surgical fields focusing on Neurosurgery.

For us, it was a privilege to be part of the creation of a medical tool that helps save lives on a daily basis.

Working with Beckermus Technologies:

Ofer Braude - VP Research & Development and Israeli Site Manager and Azi Ben-Yishai - VP Finance & Operations:

"The first meeting with Beckermus was as early as 2001. We approached the company for wire bonding services for our initial prototype. Already in those early days, it was obvious that we have come across a true partner. Beckermus has become very involved in the entire design of our 3D endoscope camera, contributing not just to the assembly process but also to manufacturability and quality aspects.

The development process of the 3D camera was very complex and included few iterations of product’s specifications and design. During R&D cycles it was critical to have a partner that you can count on and that you know will be assisting to find the optimal solutions.

Beckermus Technologies, although significantly grown during the years we work together, has kept the ‘family’ atmosphere. The company preserved the flexible way of thinking and solving problems and the willingness to support our on-going process of self-improvement and search for the most optimal 3D visualizer endoscope required for brain surgeries.

Working with Beckermus not only enabled us to reach our goal but to get there with an excellent product.

After the phases of prototyping and clinical tests were finally behind us and we could move to actual production, it was important to us to keep working with the Beckermus team and having the same people that are closely familiar with all its aspects and subtleties, take care of production and mass production"

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