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Beckermus was selected to produce optical modules for Medtronic

Recently, Visonsense was purchased by the leading medical technology provider Medtronic.

Visionsense is located Petach-Tikva, Israel. The company's solution employs a tiny 3D camera installed on a 4-millimeter endoscope that is inserted into the brain to deliver natural image and depth perception in real-time. This miniature single sensor is re-useable or disposable. Combined with sophisticated signal and image-processing algorithms, the sensor provides surgeons with real-time, high resolution stereo vision, to enable the use of new advanced MIS instrumentation.

Beckermus and Visonsense work relationship goes back at least a decade ago. Back then, both teams spent long hours in the lab and clean rooms designing and assembling Visonsense first prototypes. Now days, Visionsense is no longer a struggling startup but rather is a well-known provider of stereoscopic (3D) visualization solutions for minimally invasive surgeries.

The Visionsense electronics and optics module to be produced by Beckermus

The acquisition process included mapping of the technical capabilities and expertise required to produce the Visonsense high-end product in large volumes. The results were used by Medtronic to examine a series of assembly houses and to select Beckermus for the challange.

In order to comply with Medtronic's requirements and expected work load, Beckermus management has decided to upgrade the current services and launch a complete turn key micro assembly solution.

The process included expanding the company facilities and services: A new warehouse was built alongside the 700 sqm clean room. An experienced Supply-chain purchasing manager had joined the company, and new testing equipment was purchased.

The new micro assembly turn key solution enables Beckermus to provide existing and new customers with a complete assembly services, including full/partial procurement solution.

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