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Beckermus Technologies & ficonTEC to promote relationship

On a previous blog post we shared with our readers the new addition to our manufacturing toolkit – the ficonTEC CL1500 machine system.

As part of being a sub-contractor who serves numerous clients in different sectors with multiple applications, we looked for a state-of-the-art modular assembly machine that can be easily reconfigured to address our multi-purpose assembly demands.

ficonTEC is the market leader when it comes to automated assembly and test equipment for opto-electronic components and (hybrid) photonic devices. ficonTEC specializes in providing customized solutions for the customer’s needs and was selected by our tech team based on the top quality and reliability of its products. As part of the close work with the ficonTEC team, both organizations have agreed to give the relationship more visibility and to better promote mutual activities. You can read more about it on the ficonTEC website [link:

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