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The new addition to our active alignment department: ficonTEC CL1500

Innovative medical devices, autonomous vehicles, IoT applications, cloud based organizations, 5G communication networks and more high-end industries are basing their products on microelectronics and micro-optical components.

Constant reduction in chip size and uncompromising placement accuracy demands are some of the dominant challenges those industries are facing.

We, in Beckermus Technologies, aiming to keep serving our clients with the best-of-breed micro-assembly solutions, prepared ourselves for the challenge by building an Active Alignment department.

The most recent addition to Beckermus’ facilities is a ficontec CL1500 machine. The machine’s built-in advanced capabilities were extended to accommodate our needs as a service company.

The CL1500 was adjusted to easily apply to multiple types of micro assembly requirements. This way we are able to instantaneously move from building the very first prototype to one company to a high volume production of a completely different product to another firm.

FiconTEC CL1500 in Beckermus Technologies clean room

Beckermus active alignment key capabilities selected to ensure diversity and multiple applications

  • Passive/active high-precision alignment

  • High-precision bonding accuracy

  • Chip-on-Submount (CoS)

  • Lens assembly into packages

  • Pick-&-Place & handling sub-systems

  • Die sorting and component tracking

  • High accuracy epoxy bonding

  • UV Curing

  • Electronically adjustable bond force in mg range

  • Process parameter sequencing & tracking

  • Acquisition of operating parameters into a database

  • OCR for serial number tracking and component traceability

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