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Physical Logic

About Physical Logic

Physical Logic develops and manufactures advanced MEMS (“Micro-Electro-Mechanical System”) accelerometers. Our meters have a wide range of high-end applications: vibration sensing, tilt sensing, seismic sensing and inertial navigation.

We serve diverse markets from security and defense to energy and industry and even to healthcare. Our meters are used in aircrafts, missiles, and drones. Even vibrations in machinery can be measured and tracked with our meters. Our sensors can alert you to intruders on your property. They can even be used in pacemakers and highly sensitive medical devices.

Physical Logic – MEMS is our expertise

We are set apart by the fact that our open loop MEMS accelerometers offer extremely high linearity, ultra-low noise, and excellent long-term stability. They offer a clear improvement over the performance of currently available tactical-grade MEMS accelerometers.

With our flagship closed loop MEMS accelerometer product line we managed to bring performance at eye level of comparable currently available mechanical accelerometers

Working with Beckermus Technologies:

Aviram Feingold - Co CEO & executive VP engineering: "My first meeting with the Beckermus team was when I just joined Physical Logic. I must admit that I was quite concerned during those early meetings, knowing that our new and highly advanced sensor has a substantial list of challenges to overcome before reaching 'ready for market' status. My concerns have decreased substantially after the first working sessions we had with Oded and Oren. We soon realized that they hold vast experience and creative thinking and that they are willing to harness all that to help us create and assemble a first-class product.

The Beckermus team and our team went through quite exciting days together. Our demands from the MEMS accelerometers where quite extreme and we were determined to achieve all of it and not compromise. The teams worked together and slowly but consistently all the problems were solved, one after the other. For some of the issues, I can honestly say that the experience and dedication demonstrated by Beckermus has enabled us to reach our goals.

Nowadays, holding our fine product in hand and experiencing its high-end features smoothly perform in the most complex scenarios, we know that Beckermus had a lot to do with that and for that, we thank them

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