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About Nano Retina

Nano Retina is an innovative company that took on the ambitious goal of restoring vision to blind people using advanced nanotechnology.

Based on sound scientific knowledge and through rigorous research processes, the team at Nano Retina is developing a device that will enable blind people, due to retinal degenerative disease, gain functional vision.

The miniature Nano Retina device, the NR600 Implant, replaces the functionality of the damaged photoreceptor cells and creates the electrical stimulation required to activate the remaining healthy retinal cells. NR600 consists of two components; a miniature implantable chip and a set of eyeglasses worn by the patient.

The miniature implantable chip contains a dense array of hundreds of three dimensional microelectrodes, penetrates the healthy retinal layers that originally received the signal from the photoreceptors. The unique shape and structure of the electrodes enable precise local stimulation of the targeted healthy retinal cells.

Nano Retina and Beckermus

Matan Zehavi, R&D Project Manager at Nano Retina:

"Nano Retina was founded in 2011. Three years later, the research team has accomplished the breakthrough required for building the first prototypes of the miniature implantable chip.

On the first meeting with the Beckermus team, we only had a vision and a set of design papers. Oded has carefully investigated the complicated technical requirements, offering improvements and adjustments based on years of experience. We could see, from the first moment that the Beckermus team will do everything needed to help us reach our goal. They totally harnessed their time and knowledge to building our highly complicated, 3 layers, 9 components, Nano implant.

To summarize, we now understand that coming to Beckermus on the very early stages of building our prototype was a huge advantage. Our product is not only based on the results of the researchers on Nano Retina but also on the vast experience of the Beckermus team. We feel that achieving our goals in a relatively short time period has a lot to do with the knowledge, dedication and hard work invested by the Beckermus team"


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