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About us

Beckermus Technologies is a privately-owned company, our company provides advanced microelectronics & micro optics assembly services, we specializes in the assembly of complex electro-optic modules based on 'bare dies'  from all sort of sectors and applications: from medical devices to communications, automotive, AR\VR, defense and more, our experience and expertise is in providing full TK solutions for start-ups and R&D teams from prototype level to mass production.

 growing with this industry for so many years we have accumulated invaluable knowledge and insights which offer a distinct advantage to our customers.


We comply with ISO 13485 for Medical devices, AS9100D for aerospace as well as the IPC-A-610 & MILL-STD 883.

Micro Electronics

  • Wire bonding

  • Die Attach

  • Flip chip

  • Chip on board / Flex

  • Inert soldering

  • System in Package

  • Multi chip modules

  • Wafer Level packaging

  • Encapsulation

  • 3D Stack dies

  • Wafer dicing

  • Wafer sorting

Short lead times

Micro Optics /Photonics

  • Optical modules assembly

  • Photonic components assembly

  • 6 Axis Automatic active alignment

  • Fiber coupling

  • High precision Lens placement and alignment

  • Photodiodes, High power Lasers and LEDs

  • MTF  live measurements

  • Custom optical alignment tools, jigs and software

accessible and dedicated engineering team

From R&D to


News Feed

May 11, 2020

The company is setting up a mass production facility in Caesarea that will serve dedicated customer production lines. The company already operates a dedicated production line for the optical assemblies of a large international company.

Dedicated production line at Becke...

June 12, 2019

On a previous blog post we shared with our readers the new addition to our manufacturing toolkit – the ficonTEC CL1500 machine system.

As part of being a sub-contractor who serves numerous clients in different sectors with multiple applications, we looked for a state-of...

October 11, 2018

Recently, Visonsense was purchased by the leading medical technology provider Medtronic.

Visionsense is located Petach-Tikva, Israel. The company's solution employs a tiny 3D camera installed on a 4-millimeter endoscope that is inserted into the brain to deliver natural...

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Beckermus Technologies Ltd

Building 1 -
Headquarter, NPI / R&D Center.
29 Ha-Eshel St. P.O. Box 3561
South Industrial Park Caesarea,
Israel , 3088900

Tel: +972-4-6230055
Fax: +972-4-6230083

​Building 2 -
Production Facilities.
15 Harduf Hanechalim St.
South Industrial Park Caesarea,
Israel , 3088900

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